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The Best Bait for Fishing

In this article I'm going to explore the best bait for fishing. Now I realize that this issue is more than debatable and there probably isn't a single "best bait" for fishing. However, I'm going to list some of the most popular baits for fishing and some popular methods for fishing them, and you can make your own determination. We all have our favorite bait for fishing and at the end of the day in everyone's individual case, that's probably the best bait for fishing.

Let's list the most popular baits and how they are used, and you can make your pick as to which is the best bait for fishing. Franz Kafka once said, " There art two cardinal sins from which all others spring: Impatience and Laziness". This quote relates heavily to the art of fishing, and the best bait for fishing may very well be patience. With that in mind, let's discuss the best bait for fishing, shall we?


  1. Minnows - Minnows have long been known as a great bait for fishing, and when it comes to fish like crappie and walleye minnows can be an incredibly effective bait for fishing. The downside of minnows is keeping them alive. This can be a challenge at times. Many anglers say that the Berkley Gulp minnows are as good as live minnows as bait. These synthetic minnows are fine for tipping jigs, but for crappie fishing under a bobber they leave something to be desired. In any case minnows are certainly a great bait for fishing.
  2. Crayfish - For fish such as trout and smallmouth bass there may be no more effective bait than crayfish, especially live crayfish. This is certainly the case with large trout. Large trout love crayfish along with all any size smallmouth bass. Again, the Berkley gulp crayfish work quite well for jigging, and live crayfish (although difficult to come by sometimes) are incredibly effective when fishing for large trout. Crayfish are certainly one of the best baits for fishing, especially when it comes to large fish.
  3. Earthworms - Of all the baits available for fishing worms are without question the most popular and readily available. They could very well be the most effective as well. When using worms as bait for fishing there is no more effective way to rig those worms than a set of gang hooks. Gang hooks are the only way to present a worm (either live or synthetic) when fishing. Gang hooks enable worms to be presented in a completely natural manner, and this makes a huge difference in bite rates. These hooks also work quite well with most any live bait.
  4. Leeches - Leeches are a great bait for fish such as walleye and bass. The only issues with leaches are availability and transportation. Much like with minnows, carrying your leeches with you while fishing can be a problem, and finding them can even be more of an issue. As far as the best bait for fishing, leeches need to be in the discussion.


As I said before, the actual "best bait for fishing" is a personal preference, but this list certainly contains four of the most popular and effective. We all have our favorite bait, and that is the best bait for fishing.

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